Me and My Golf instruction series


We recently headed to The Astbury in Shropshire to meet Andy Proudman and Piers Ward of Me and My Golf and film some golf instruction videos.

The duo have built a reputation for providing great tips for golfers of all levels that are more easily digestible than the average offering online. They have found a huge audience on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and have worked alongside the likes of World No.1 Dustin Johnson no less.

In the first instruction video that we filmed with the pair, they focused on trying to take on board some of the best elements of Masters champion Sergio Garcia's shallow, unconventional but seriously effective golf swing.

Lesson two with the guys turned attentions to the much desired flop shot, a useful short game weapon which even the best pros in the world sometimes struggle to master. Here are their thoughts on how you can learn to more consistently and more effectively add this to your armoury for the occasions on which it is required.

Lesson three with Andy and Piers is all about shot shaping and more specifically learning how to hit a draw off the tee. See if these tips can help you find better positions on the fairway from which to approach certain greens and pin positions.

Do you struggle to get the ball spinning and stopping when playing shots from short range? In this lesson the Me and My Golf guys aim to teach you a thing or two about playing the low-flying pitch shot that checks up near to the hole that the pros make look frustratingly easy.