Danielle Kang Instruction series


In early 2017 we traveled to Las Vegas, home to some of America's greatest nightlife and of course LPGA star and recent KPMG Women's PGA Championship winner, Danielle Kang.

What better way then to make use of the trip than to film some short golf tips with Danielle at the epic Las Vegas branch of Topgolf? Below you can watch all of the videos from this series and hopefully you'll pick up some tricks that you can take out onto the course.

In the first part of this series Danielle focused on hitting the ball straighter and longer off the tee with the big stick, with particular attention paid to acceleration, tempo and alignment.

Lesson two with Danielle saw the driver safely returned to the bag and her hybrid, or rescue club, given a work out. Here are Danielle's words of wisdom on how best to approach hitting and making the most of the club.

In this lesson Danielle switches her focus towards 150 yard approach shots, where she believes the key lies in set up and alignment. Get these fundamentals right and you should see your scoring shots start to pay greater dividends.

The below lesson targets improvements in 50 yard pitch shots, a distance over which many amateurs struggle to execute consistently due to a variety of technical shortcomings including deceleration. Begin to master this area of the game and you should start to see your scores coming down in no time.

Away from the surrounds of Topgolf Las Vegas, Danielle treated us to a couple more lessons focused on encouraging short game improvements. In the first of these Danielle provides insight into her putting practice and preparations by demonstrating a drill which she herself makes great use of.

Another key part of the game where amateurs often struggle and leak shots for fun is when playing long or short bunker shots. Here, Danielle Kang has both bases covered as she provides her thoughts on how best to tackle playing from the sand, whether you're in tight to the pin or still have a plenty of ground to cover.